Park rocked with Taste! 

Monday 20th April 2015
PARK TASTE 022Yesterday morning, Park Baptist Church in Great Yarmouth experienced a difference in style of worship with both familiar and new songs thanks to the Christian band, Taste.  This event was a prelude to their spending the week at Great Yarmouth High School: this being their 6th consecutive year in that location.  I’m sure they must have been considerate to the wider age range and modified their usual presentation 
Park’s sanctuary was full to overflowing with the 80+ members of the congregation who certainly enjoyed the group’s performance.  Taste is part of Youth for Christ and performs customarily for young people and comprises seven members: Jake Deacon, Naomi Saunders, Dave Scott, Summaya Asif, Josh Rouse, and Andy Clark with Andy’s wife, Joy, operating the sound system
PARK TASTE 027The service included Holy Communion accompanied by Taste playing to focus the congregation’s minds and hearts with the song “Lord, I know you love me”.  This was followed with a sermon by the Pastor, Rev Peter Timothy.  Peter followed the course of his current theme of encouraging Christian values for Britain’s government.  Last week the topic was truth and this week it was justice, as personified by Jesus

Rev Peter concluded the service with the lovely Blessing of St Augustine

May the Lord Jesus Christ give you
A heart to love Him,
A will to choose him,
An understanding to know Him,
A spirit which may always be united to Him.
And may the God of love and mercy
love you forever.
You have made us for yourself, O Lord,
And our hearts are restless until they rest in You