The Butterworths arrive in Yorkshire 

butterworths yorkshireGreetings from Shipley, Yorkshire!  We're back in our own house and have spent the last week or so doing paperwork and shopping.  Setting up home from scratch was a lot of work even though its our own house.  We're incredibly grateful to Shipley Baptist Church for welcoming us back with food and a cleaned, painted house
Shipley is on the border between the commuter belt for Leeds and Bradford and the largely Asian inner city of Bradford itself.  We're trying to appreciate and enjoy both, and felt especially at home at the local Kanapeena supermarket (see photo right)
Ruth and Esther are still safe and partying in Kathmandu.  Ruth has started her student loan application which we can't progress until she's in UK.  She'll need an interview for her NI number because she was born in Nepal.  Please pray for that, the provision of a student loan is not guaranteed even though we have been accepted for resident rate fees by the universities. Please pray too that she will be allocated student accommodation in London.  She missed the application date, as the email got lost during the earthquake
Next weekend we'll be traveling south to collect the girls from Heathrow and visit the BMS office for debriefing, preparing for church visits and other admin
Meanwhile BMS has posted a video we recorded in Kathmandu pre-earthquake.  Its worth a look (at least we think so) at: