Easter Sunday takes a bilingual twist again 

27th March 2016

Easter Sunday took a bilingual twist as two congregations from one church in Great Yarmouth, two languages, and many nationalities repeated the last two years' celebration together

easter sunday 2016

Members of the English and Portuguese-speaking congregations at Park Baptist Church joined together on Easter Sunday 

The church, in Crown Road was packed out, with 113 people, filled all seats, and some had 'multiple occupancy' (children of course)

The Scripture reading, John 20:1-20 was read aloud in Portuguese, with the English translation on the screen above

Music was provided by a combined English and Portuguese band

Rev Peter Timothy and fellow Pastor, Rev Leda Schofield, narrated two stories in both languages, one of Mary's discovery of the empty tomb and the other of a topical story of a family in Brussels' who felt the impact of the latest terror attack in one of the city's stations.  The stories were cleverly intertwined leading to the summing up that we live in a dangerous and broken world with lives filled with fear.  BUT, there's good news: Jesus has conquered every possible human fear, including death itself.  If you trust in the risen Jesus, you can confront any fear in life

In the usual tradition of the church, coffee and cake followed in a buzzing church hall afterwards