'Soul Sisters' first meeting

'Soul Sisters' report on first lunch meeting 9th September 2017

Denise thanks everyone who attended and said “it was a wonderful sharing experience and many thanks to Sandra and her crew for the delicious lunch and to Sandra also for finding the article ‘Soul Sisters’ by Julia Bettencourt”



Denise made a few notes of things that were discussed:
  1. they will arrange an outreach activity every first Saturday and a sign-up sheet will be at church: either for taking part or praying at church.  First one will be 7th October 
  2. several suggestions for future activities: 
    Christmas crafts to be made to distribute
    cups of soup
    ladies choir
    walking group (Lester already on this!)
    varous crafts/learning activities to be offered for ladies to participate
  3.  next lunch will be a Bring and Share on 14th October – 12.30pm – at Sandra’s 
  4. any suggestion is worth considering - don’t be shy about making suggestions!