CAP update and prayer requests June 2018 

40 clients seen since opening

T didn’t turn up for her first visit but has rearranged for next week. Pray that she makes this visit and begins the journey out of debt for herself and her 2 little children. Pray that she will be receptive to the Gospel.

C&B have given their lives to Jesus but are scared to take the necessary step of making a joint claim for benefits (at the moment each is claiming independently.) Please pray about this and that they will make it to church.

R & A have really taken ages to get the paperwork needed, not sure why. They are still not committing to CAP. Pray for A’s salvation and for their little girl. R was going to church but since being contacted by CAP to complete forms she has not been to church. This family had a lot of financial support from R’s church.

L has cancelled her 2nd visit twice now; pray that she makes the next one on 8th June. Pray for salvation for her and her 2 little children.

D & S are just getting last bits of paperwork sorted, pray that they can do this quickly. Both need salvation and their 2 children. Her grandad ‘talked about peace and love all the time’ but she is not ‘into all that.’

C is also getting last bits of paperwork, pray for salvation for her and her 2 little children. She went to Sunday school when she was a little girl. She is into spiritualism.

D is C’s sister, she is also getting last bits of paperwork, pray for salvation for her and her 2 little children. She also went to Sunday school when she was a little girl. She believes in ‘spirits.’

G is now waiting for his budget; he is lonely, pray for his faith to increase so that he gives his life to Jesus.

D is now waiting for his budget. His partner has left him and he has felt suicidal. He is now on medication and is being befriended by Michelle and Dale in terms of them inviting him to friendship group and their pub fellowship and so giving opportunities for him to hear testimonies.

J gave his life to Jesus in March and often attends church. He is saving up for his DRO (debt relief order). J is working 16 hours a week; unfortunately he has to work some Sundays. Pray that J will learn to budget his money carefully and that his faith will continue to grow.

S has received her budget but has not paid in yet (after 3 months.) Her 2 little girls have been taken into care although she gave up her partner and her pets as requested. She has been told that she will have to go to court the day after her son is born to fight for him. Baby is due around 21st June. S really needs God in her life but has shown very little interest.

Pray for A and S. S gave his life to Jesus in March, A said that she had too but her severe personality disorder is making life very difficult. She keeps turning up at the James Paget and always talks of something being wrong with her, yet S is the poorly partner. They haven’t started paying in yet as A is in and out of hospital and police custody, this young lady is desperately in need of prayer as is her long-suffering, ever-loving partner. 

J & B have received their budget. They are both in work now. Please pray for salvation for B (wife) and their 3 children. Unfortunately, B’s job involves Sunday working but pray that they will come along to events at church.

Pray for E who has had her budget but has missed a payment into her CAP plan. E has given her life to Jesus as has her little boy (aged 8). Pray that she will start to attend her local church and that she will make regular payments.

M is paying into her CAP plan faithfully. She is seeking faith; she believes in God but has not accepted Jesus as her saviour yet. Pray for her to find local friends too as she is lonely.

D is a Christian lady; she has had her budget and was paying in regularly until she lost her job last month. Her benefits only leave her with £80 a month after paying her bills. Pray that she will find a new job soon, she is a qualified accountant. Pray too that she will join us at Park as she is looking for a church family.

Thank God for D paying into his CAP plan faithfully, in 7 months he will be debt free. Pray that he will keep growing in his faith and that he will feel God’s hand on his life.

M is debt free thanks to CAP paying his bankruptcy fee. Pray for his salvation and that he stops drinking and smoking cannabis.
Other people who we have contact with although they didn’t commit to working with CAP

B who gave her life to Jesus in March, pray that she will join her local church and that she will know that God is with her every moment of every day.

M pray that she will keep coming to meet with us and that she will be saved.

P & K that they would engage with church and be saved

C that his faith would continue to grow as he walks with God

F that she would engage with her local church and receive healing for her troubled mind