Men’s Camping Weekend 2018 

16th August 2018
Rev Peter Timothy reports

Crouched around a roaring fire in a giant teepee with the rain pouring down around us, we weren’t quite sure what to expect
It was the second time we’d gone camping together, but this year we’d done all the organising ourselves and now found ourselves in a small field in the village of Sustead, near Cromer
All eight of us had arrived hoping to use this weekend away to connect with God and to get to know each other better. We came away with our expectations not only met, but greatly exceeded
From our resident chef, Nick, churning out top­notch barbecues, to ‘Jukebox Jay’ taking requests on his guitar late into the night; we were certainly not short of fun
A six-mile walk into Cromer on Saturday earned us a well-deserved fish and chips lunch, and while most of us relaxed on the beach, Nigel and Nick decided to brave the not-so-warm sea with a (very) quick dip!

And then came Saturday evening. We’d already had two sessions involving worship, prayers and interactive studies looking at the life of David. Themes of integrity, the condition of our hearts before God, and the reliability of God’s promises had already been discussed, but we felt the need for some more space, away from the other groups sharing the campsite with us
We decided to find a church - and so with absolutely no idea where we were going we jumped into the cars!
After a few minutes we stumbled across St Andrew’s Church, Metton - a 14th Century Anglican building which was open and deserted. God had provided a venue - and that was just the start
We gathered in the choir stalls near the altar and simply began to sing. What followed was a powerful time of praise and prayer ministry, where Jesus came and met with us as we continued to worship him
It was a simple but beautiful time together, where our plans were ripped up and Jesus took the lead
Upon our return we staged ‘Sausagefest’ - with everyone submitting a sausage for blind taste-testing. Despite some strong contenders, it was Jay who came out on top with his Lidl pork sausages, whilst Nigel’s Aldi cheese and chili effort propped up the table!
We rounded our weekend off with a final Sunday morning session discussing 2 Samuel 22, and then sharing communion. A pub lunch then sent us on our way home with stomachs suitably filled
Here are comments from some of the men who came:
“It was great to spend time in beautiful surroundings, getting to know each other better. We learnt so much about our Christian journey and got closer to God - but I don’t want to ever cook another sausage again!”

“I found the weekend brilliant. We bonded together and had a good time but most of all we were one in our faith and worship of our Lord”

“The weekend has been so invigorating; it was like meeting up with an old friend and rekindling a strong relationship. I have heard God more clearly already. To share the time with others seeking the same things was encouraging and enjoyable”