Dean Maddison


presented to the congregation during the morning worship service on Sunday 12/11/2017


My name is Dean and this is my testimony

DEAN NADDISONI was born in Hatfield on 7th November 1960. When I left Hatfield I went to live in Singapore with my parents and brothers Ralph, Simon and Gary and was home schooled
My mum was a stay-at-home mum and dad was a deep sea diver. I enjoyed going to scouts and camping and as a teenager I went to church in Singapore. I also saw lots of temples which I found very interesting. I liked the colours and their brightness
After living in Singapore the family moved to Australia, where I lived for a long time. Ralph became a doctor, Gary was working on the rigs, and Simon was a chef in the navy
I had a happy time in Australia but sometimes I was very sad. After living there for several years my mum came to England to look after my nan. After some time I also came back with two of my brothers.  Eventually I went to live in a hostel in Norwich. I did not get on very well there and became homeless
Social workers stepped in and got me a flat in Norwich. While there I attended a Wednesday club and also went to night clubs where I like the loud music
After a while I moved to Florence House where I met my dear friend Valerie. With her help I did a show for charity at St John’s church and raised over £200. I then did another fundraiser for Romania, raising another £200
With Val and my friend Amy’s help I started to go to Bible study and prayer group at St Mary’s church on Tuesday evenings
At this time I went down the wrong path and got into trouble. However, with Val and Amy’s help and lots of prayer I got myself on the straight and narrow and began to enjoy life again
After Florence House I went to live in another care home in Great Yarmouth, but I did not get on with the people and moved again. My friends helped me through this difficult time but I still did things which I should not have done and ended up in a one bedroom place with bad people
When Val died last year it was a very bad time but Amy and my friends at Park stayed by my side. They didn’t let me down and told me to pray and reminded me that God will not let me down and will always stay by my side
Now I have a lovely flat, good carers and my mum is back in my life. Amy is still my friend and life seems a lot better because I have good people looking out for me from this church. God is good and Jesus is my friend