Church Life

In light of the latest developments regarding the coronavirus, we are having to adapt the way we meet, worship and support one another. It is a time of uncertainty and some are especially fearful, confused and feeling isolated. The opening words of Psalm 46 seem especially relevant to us at this time: “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear...The Lord Almighty is with us”

Below are the details of a number of ways we can continue to connect together and support each other. Although we will inevitably miss seeing one another face-to-face, this time also presents an opportunity to be creative in how we connect and to develop different rhythms of prayer and worship in our lives. Being forced to scale back from the busyness of life offers us the chance to return to what is important - namely a focus upon Jesus as our Lord, Saviour and friend

Staying Connected

Sunday Streaming
Instead of our Saturday and Sunday services we will be streaming a different kind of service via our YouTube page. Here is the link: UCvysmlosDUgP7pvyoaWPwcg If for some reason that doesn’t work, simply visit and type ‘Park Baptist Church Great Yarmouth’ into the search bar
This live stream will start at 10.45am and last for around 30 minutes. It will involve a mixture of prayer, Bible reading, and a reflection from Peter. Jorge will be doing something similar in Portuguese on Saturdays at 6.30pm. If you register a free account with YouTube you will be able to make comments during the live stream, which others can interact with
This is a new idea to try and help us stay connected and to develop regular rhythms of prayer and Bible study, especially for those who find themselves self-isolating. On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am, Peter will host a 10-minute ‘thought for the day’ and have time for members to share prayer requests and pray together. This will be done via a website called ‘Zoom’, which allows up to 100 people to have a video call together. You can register for a free account here: or follow the link that will be emailed around to directly access the live chat each Tuesday and Thursday. I suggest you take a look at this in advance, and if you are having troubles please give Peter a call. There is an app if you wish to connect via a tablet or phone
Prayer Triplets
If you are part of a prayer triplet, why not switch your meetings to a three-way video call? You
can do this using Zoom, Skype, What’sApp, Facetime etc. It’s important we continue to keep in touch and support each other
Connect Groups
The same is true of Connect Groups. Some have already set up What’sApp groups and have done Bible studies online together. It is important to keep an eye out for the people in your connect group, particularly if you have members who are in isolation.
Network for Practical Help and Prayer

We have developed a small network of individuals who are willing and able to do practical things for others in the church community. This could be collecting some shopping or a prescription or other small errands. If you have a need please message Peter and he will put the request out to the group

If you are finding isolation difficult, feeling lonely or low and would just like to chat to someone,
the leadership team have each offered to be available to talk via phone on the following days:
Peter T (07985 142125): Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays
Denise (07932 002742): Mondays
Nigel (07553 537872): Wednesdays
Pete L (07585 187575): Fridays
Without regular services, there is the possibility that our giving to God can become overlooked, particularly if you usually give by cash. Although we will save a little money by not heating the church at weekends, our expenditure will remain roughly the same. Therefore giving is just as important as ever! We encourage you to give via Standing Order directly into the church bank account (details below), but if you would rather send a cheque to the church or give via cash, we ask that donations are placed inside an envelope and dropped off through the kitchen letterbox from 5pm on Fridays to 11am on Sundays. Peter Lyle will be in church on Sunday mornings to collect these cash offerings and record and bank it as usual. Remember to include your Gift Aid number on the envelope, if you have one.
Church Account Number: 10689696
Church Sort Code: 20-99-21
Note: The Playgroup will remain open for the children of key workers Tues-Fri, so please do not drop offerings through the letterbox midweek